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5 Volunteer Opportunities to See the World

Joining volunteering organizations had become very popular among people. In general, such organizations do a lot of good to people in need. If you want to visit any country, but cannot do it, consider joining a volunteering program. We don’t say that you must have an axe to grind and work there only to travel around the world. Besides the fact that you get an opportunity to see a new country and its beauties, you find out about the problems in it and make yourself better by helping people. Volunteering lets you change the world, why not gain such experience?
It’s better to register in one of the following programs with a like-minded person. If no one of your friends shares your desire to help people, try to find someone on the Internet. Various online dating services, for example, Fling, offer you the possibility to find a person to spend time together, doing what you both like. Familiarize yourself with Fling review to figure out what it is. Here are five best volunteering programs for those who want to see the world.

The World Campus International

Even such a well-developed country as Japan needs volunteers. This organization helps children, adults, and older people who need assistance. Volunteers can become English teachers, find out more about local culture, and tell local people more about their own culture and customs to promote communication between people. People from different countries and cultural settings should cooperate, and that’s the mission of The World Campus International.

Amazon Conservation and Reforestation

Peru is a beautiful country that is known due to its beautiful forests. Unfortunately, these forests and wildlife in them are always under threat due to the person’s negligence and carelessness. This program gives you a chance to touch the “lungs of our planet” — Amazon Jungle, and even take part in their restoration. You must be ready to be involved in any type of work that’s necessary for the project.

Volunteering Solutions

This organization offers a lot of volunteering opportunities, in particular, in South Africa. If you join it, you’ll work either in Cape Town or Port Elizabeth. There are a lot of projects that need volunteers, and most of them are related to childcare, medical volunteering, English teaching, and wildlife reservation. You’ll easily find what is right for you.


If you graduated from the college and aged 20 or more, you may be an intern in OTZMA — a non-profit organization that lets you delve into Israelian culture, visit different locations, and, of course, open volunteering opportunities for you. The program lasts ten months, so be ready to explore this amazing country on the up and up. Participating in a volunteering program can develop your personality and benefit your career, so try it.

Vietnam Volunteering

All programs operated by this organization have positive reviews and truly aim to help people. One of the best programs is the English Teaching and Cultural Exchange that lets volunteers delve into the local culture, get valuable knowledge about this country, and share their own knowledge on English with Vietnamese students of all ages. Finding a decent teacher of English in Vietnam is a challenge, so volunteering is crucial for this purpose.